Student Employment

MAC Business Office

Benefits of Working with MAC


  • Flexible work schedule around classes
  • Hours worked per week average 4-20

Earn Money

  • Get paid bi-weekly on Fridays
  • Pay starts at Upstate NY minimum wage

Direct Deposit:

  • Paychecks can be deposited automatically to your bank, credit union or other financial institution account whether you are on the job, out of town, on vacation or sick
  • No lost time from employees leaving to deposit paychecks during work hours
  • No worrying about lost checks or check cancellation charges

I-Pay Statements

  • Access your paystub online 24/7 along with W-2 form for tax purposes through a secure ADP website:

Abundant Opportunity

  • MAC hires on average a total of 100 to 200 student employees


  • Uniforms are provided
  • A great way to meet other students
  • Learn life skills that may help you obtain a job after college