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Morrisville State College student beefs up resume, runs college’s annual cattle sale as part of internship

MORRISVILLE, NY —Katy Kemmeren has something new to add to her resume.

The Morrisville State College student spent the last few months coordinating the college’s annual Autumn Review Sale as part of her senior year internship.

Kemmeren, an agricultural business development bachelor degree major, was among more than 90 students in various majors who pitched in during Morrisville State College annual Autumn Review Sale, which marked its 30th anniversary this year.

The consignment sale, held Sept. 8 at the Madison County Cooperative Extension Center on Eaton Street in Morrisville, was entirely student-run this year with dairy, diesel and ag majors joining forces to help.

Seventy-two full lots were sold averaging $1,881. The sale featured mostly Holstein lots with the exception of one Jersey calf added to commemorate the group’s 30th milestone.

“The sale went well and the auctioneer was very pleased with the lineup of cattle despite the bad market due to a dry cropping season and milk prices being low,” said Kemmeren, who also selected all of the cattle for this year’s sale.

“The words used by our buyers and the outside professionals we worked with were ‘impressive,’ ‘professional,’ and ‘organized,’ and I think this is a reflection of Katy’s efforts,” said Steve Mooney, assistant professor of dairy science.

Kemmeren, who grew up on a third-generation dairy farm in Bainbridge, NY, gained a better understanding about the dairy industry through her participation in the sale.

“I learned how to work with many different kinds of consignors and industry professional as we all had one goal of marketing high quality animals and improving the industry as a whole,” she said. “I also made connections that will last a lifetime.”

Kemmeren, who was the Chenango County Dairy Princess in 2008-2009, is the Jersey Queen for New York.

A major fundraiser for the Morrisville Dairy Club and Morrisville Dairy Program, the sale teaches students real-world management and leadership skills.

“This sale has real value in building friendships among our current students, teaching them real-world management and leadership skills and allowing us to stay in contact with our program alums,” Mooney said.

Prior to and during the sale, students assisted with grooming, clipping, feeding, bedding and milking, among other duties.

“I commend all of the students with the success of sale, which is a result of the effort and care they put into the presentation of these cattle,” Mooney said.

The Morrisville State College Dairy Club provides students with the opportunity to broaden their knowledge of the dairy industry through participation in various activities, including field trips and the annual Autumn Review Sale.

Proceeds from the sale support dairy club trips, the dairy judging team, academic programs and various activities and events.

Morrisville State College offers a bachelor degree in dairy management and an associate degree in animal science - dairy. Both programs are ThinkPad University curricula in which the use of laptop computers is integrated into courses.

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