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Morrisville State College Library Features Photo Exhibit, “Art-at-War”

MORRISVILLE, N.Y.– An exhibit, “Art-at-War,” featuring photography by Antonio Leone is on display at the Donald G. Butcher Library at Morrisville State College through April 17.

Leone, a freelance video designer and producer, has 12 photos featured in the library gallery.

“Antonio Leone’s photography show ‘Art-at-War’ addresses the conflict inherent in war, not only the obvious violence that soldiers have to face daily, but the conflict those of us at home face as we address our understandings of war,” Tim Gerken, curator of the gallery, said.

Leone provides art viewers with a number of questions–explicitly in the artist’s statement and implicitly in the work–which ask them to consider their feelings and beliefs about war. Included in his photos are toy soldiers painted in a variety of colors.

“By photographing toy soldiers painted in vibrant almost psychedelic colors, each soldier is seen as an individual,” Gerken said. “These colors also distance the figures from the olive green toy soldiers we may have played with as kids. As neither toys nor fighters, they become representations of what we imagine soldiers to be. We have to remember what soldiers do. We have to consider war,” Gerken said.

Throughout his career, Leone has worked as a television animator/motion designer and was also art director for a major production design studio, Fat Box, Inc. in Redwood City, Calif. There he worked with the creative teams of gaming companies such as HP, Oracle, Siemens and XBOX and earned awards for best editing in non-linear systems and best animation.

An art director at ZONA Design, Inc., a New-York based full design agency, Leone worked on projects for companies that included The History Channel, Discovery Channel, Discovery Health Channel, ESPN, SciFi Channel, HBO, and SKY Italy. He was also a consultant design director at Time Warner Cable’s headquarters in New York City.

Leone is currently working as a consultant for Time Warner Cable and ZONA Design, Inc.

The exhibit is being co-sponsored by Morrisville State College’s School of Liberal Arts and the Sheila Johnson Institute.

The Donald G. Butcher Library at Morrisville State College is open Monday through Thursday from 8 a.m. to midnight, Friday from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m., Saturday, noon to 6 p.m., Sunday 1 to 10 p.m.

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