Parents & Families:

FAQ: Adjusting to College Life

My student is homesick, what can I do?

Some college students do experience degrees of homesickness, especially during the first semester. As a parent you may feel helpless, but there are some things you can do. Here are some suggestions to help your child adjust:

  • Be willing to listen. Sometimes just being able to speak to a loved one is what your students need.
  • Suggest they talk to someone at MSC. Resident Assistants, counselors and other college personnel are trained to help students adjust to college. (To find specific personnel, view our staff directory.)
  • Encourage your student to get involved. Rather than making frequent visits home, suggest joining a sport, club or organization on campus to allow them to meet other students who are interested in the same things.
  • Support them to build their resume. Suggest that they look into a work study position to earn some spending money, or apply for a part-time job locally.
  • Ask to see if the coursework is overwhelming. Some of our new students take advantage of our tutoring sessions with peer mentors, faculty members or professional personnel.
  • Send a care package. Let your child know you are thinking about them by sending some treats from home, or order a gift package from MAC.

When is the best time to travel home for the first time?

MSC suggests that your student does not go home until fall break. This will allow your student to get to know the campus, make friends and enjoy weekend events such as Mustang Weekend.

What should I do if my child is struggling in a course?

MSC offers tutoring sessions in the Donald G. Butcher Library. Each professor also holds office hours for students to come in with questions or concerns. Suggest to your child that taking advantage of one or both of these can help them excel in their academic studies.

What to do when student calls home with various issues?

Your student might call home with a list of different issues. Here is a list of contact numbers they may need:

  • Admissions: (315) 684-6046
  • Athletics: (315) 684-6072
  • College ID: (315) 684-6052
  • Financial Aid: (315) 684-6289
  • Human Resources: (315) 684-6038
  • Technology Center: (315) 684-6053
  • Library: (315) 684-6055
  • Mailroom: (315) 684-6004
  • MAC: (315) 684-6047
  • Registrar (315) 684-6066
  • Residence Life: (315) 684-6043
  • Student Activities: (315) 684-6238
  • Student Health Services: (315) 684-6078
  • University Police: (315) 684-6410