Parents & Families:

FAQ: Campus Store

What is available at the campus store?

The MSC campus store has everything a student may need. Your child can purchase everything from Morrisville apparel to residence hall items, textbooks and much more.

Does the bookstore have a website?

Yes, check out what our Morrisville and Norwich campus stores have to offer online. Visit

Can students use their financial aid to purchase textbooks?

If the student has completed their financial aid process, and a refund balance from the aid appears on your student account, they may opt to use the expected refund in advance for the costs of books and related supplies through the Morrisville Book Voucher Program.

Students can obtain a book voucher by simply going to their ‘Web for Students Account’ and clicking on ‘Student Information and Financial Aid.’ Scroll to ‘Book Voucher Program,’ check your available balance and ‘Enroll.’

How does my son/daughter purchase textbooks?

Each class may have one or more textbooks and other materials assigned to it. Always have your schedule on hand when ordering your textbooks – the same class with different professors may have different books. You can order your textbooks online, or bring your schedule into the store.Learn More