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FAQ: Career Services

I’m concerned about my student finding a job. What services are available?

Students have a few options on finding a part-time job during the school semester. These options are great for your resume and to build life styles to help you obtain a job after college:

  • The Federal College Work Student (CWS) Program allows students who are enrolled at least part-time to work on campus. The college determines who is eligible for FCWS, how much the student may earn and when the student will work. Jobs range from assisting individual instructors to clerical assistants to tour guides in the admissions office. Learn more.
  • The Morrisville Auxiliary Corporation (MAC), a nonprofit company that provides non-academic services to MSC, hires student workers for the semester. Learn more. 
  • About 95% of programs require students to have an internship in their related field. The MSC internship and job search database ( can help students find an internship that fits their needs.
  • Students also have the opportunity to find work locally at one of the various stores or restaurants in town or the surrounding area.

How can I guarantee that my student gets a job after college?

The MSC Career Services office helps students and alumni with their job search. Here are some of the different services that are offered:

  • Resumes: Students can stop by during the Advising Express Drop-in Hours to have their resumes reviewed. If they cannot make it to a session they can check with the on-line edition or make an appointment.
  • Job Fair: Each year the College co-coordinates a Job Fair Extraordinaire. Here you are able to speak with a variety of different employers and start networking.
  • Internships: With the use of the internship and job search database, the Career Services office helps to place students at an internship based on their interests and needs.
  • Connect: Whether you are a student or an alumi, the Career Services office is willing to help you with through a telephone or Skype advising sessions, Advising Express drop-in meeting, employer events, workshops, and much more.

What if my son/daughter wants to go to graduate/professional school?

MSC offers GRE and GMAT prep courses for those students wanting to continue for a master’s degree. Additionally, there are representatives that visit campus as part of the Networking and Recruitment Series, and other general information sessions. The Career Services department also offers an “Applying to Graduate or Professional School” Workshop for juniors and seniors. This workshop focuses on the mechanics of the application process. A “Preparing for Graduate or Professional School” workshop is offered for underclassman that emphasizes what they need to be doing now to be successful applications in the future. [Note: A graduate school advising page will launch in mid-October to link to this FAQ.]

What are some of your graduates doing now?

Some of MSC’s graduates have continued on after obtaining their associates to a four-year bachelors program. Others have become successful professionals in positions such as news anchors, architect partners, entrepreneurs, and more.