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FAQ: Resident Life (Housing and Meal Plans)

What amenities are not allowed in the room?

A packing list for residence halls can be found here. We recommend you leave the following items at home, because they are not allowed in the campus dorms:

  • Halogen, upward facing bowl and multi-arm lamps
  • Toaster ovens, toasters, grills, sandwich makers, open coil appliances
  • Air conditioners, portable heaters
  • Electrical cords (only surge protectors)
  • Furniture
  • Pets (with the exception of fish in 5 gallon tank or less)
  • Candles, incense, or potpourri/scent pots utilizing a candle or flame
  • Permanent adhesives and nails
  • All weapons including firearms, knives, bb guns, swords, fake guns, etc.
  • Fireworks, propone, or explosives
  • Drugs (except prescriptions)
  • Alcohol (alcohol prohibited in all residence halls except Commons when amount for personal use is possessed by student 21 or older)

How are roommate matches determined?

Residence Life tries their best to match students up with someone with similar interests and habits. Each student receives a survey that lists several lifestyle questions. These roommate matches are based solely on personalities, other things such as race, ethnicity and age does not determine the match. If you have any questions regarding roommate matching, please contact Residence Life at (315) 684-6043 or

Are all students required to live on campus?

All freshman students are required to live on campus for the first two years, unless they live within 35 miles of campus or are 21 years old. Please contact Residence Life if you have any questions.

Where does my student go to put more money on their meal card?

MSC offers different meal plan options for on-campus and commuter students. To change a student’s meal plan or put more money on their account please visit the Dining page.