Brooks Hall

Public Relations & Marketing

The Public Relations & Marketing office continually works to strengthen the relationship between Morrisville State College and the public, striving to communicate the college's many achievements and aspirations. The office is the lifeline between the college, its constituents and external audiences.

Another important function of the office is planning and executing the college's overall marketing strategies. The office's activities (media relations, communications, publications, marketing, advertising and photography) strive to give an honest portrayal of the college in order to generate support for the college, interest among prospective students and a foundation for the college to build upon.

Public Relations

Sara A. Way
Assistant Vice President for Institutional Advancement and Executive Director of the College Foundation
(315) 684-6020

Kelly E. Gardner Williamson
Coordinator of Public Relations and Alumni Communication
(315) 684-6020

Franci R.. Valenzano
Public Relations Associate
(315) 684-6041


Leslie V. Crosley
Assistant Vice President for Enrollment Management
(315) 684-6046

Paul M. Kearney
Community Relations Associate, Graphics Designer
(315) 684-6041

Raul J. Chacon
Web Developer & Designer
(315) 684-6766