Social Media Guidelines

Public Relations

Social Media

If you wish to make an announcement on our Facebook Page or Twitter account, contact Public Relations.

Any department wishing to create an official Facebook page, Twitter, Google+, or other social media account representing Morrisville State College must get PR approval before creating the account. Please provide the Director of Public Relations or Web Administrators with the name and contact information for the individual(s) who will be authorized by the department to create, operate, monitor and edit the account on an ongoing basis. Any changes in the designated Administrator(s) must be promptly communicated to Public Relations.

Although Public Relations does not intend to actively engage in maintaining official department accounts, a member of Public Relations must be included to properly track and respond more quickly in the event of a problem, such as the unavailability or departure of the staff member who has administrative control of the page.

Full information on social media and e-communication guidelines is in the Graphic Standards Guide.

Graphic Standards PDF

Graphic Standards Guide

This guidebook is designed to help all members of the campus community to better understand the college's core symbols and their appropriate use. These logos serve as readily identifiable symbols that reinforce the Morrisville State College name and give a sense of unity to our publications, stationery, websites, merchandise, and other forms of communication.


Scott T. Richmond
Lead Web Developer
(315) 684-6766

Guide Contents

  • Logo Guidelines
  • College Colors
  • College Seal
  • Fonts & Typefaces
  • Stationary
  • Athletics Logo Guidelines
  • E-Communication Guidelines
  • Social Media Guidelines