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School of Agriculture and Natural Resources

Dean: Christopher L. Nyberg
Phone: (315) 684-6083

Agricultural Business Development B.B.A.



Nelson Farms

Nelson Farms is Morrisville State College's small-scale, FDA inspected, food processing incubator located 8 miles from the college in Nelson, N.Y. It provides entrepreneurial agri-business opportunities, including processing, product development, distribution, marketing & sales, and more, for specialty food processors, farmers, growers, and producers.

The Nelson Farms Country Store (located at Nelson Farms) is a New York specialty foods market which features products produced in the kitchens of Nelson Farms as well as other Pride of New York products from all regions of New York State. Additionally, ongoing training & educational opportunities and special events, like product tastings, are offered to the public. Hours of operation can be found on their website.

Morrisville State College students in several programs of study use Nelson Farms as an experiential laboratory, gaining real-world experience in agritourism, marketing, entrepreneurship, dietetics/nutrition, and value-added agriculture and development.

The Morrisville State College Dairy Complex

Many state-of-the-art facilities exist on the campus of Morrisville State College. A freestall dairy complex was constructed in 2001. This dairy facility houses 200 milking cows and is being used for teaching, demonstration, and student projects. It is equipped with an electronically-enhanced milking parlor and student-managed computer system. In addition, two heifer barns were recently constructed along with a new calf barn. In addition, the construction on a new show barn has just been completed. These facilities along with a plug-flow anaerobic digester for handling animal waste and producing electrical power provide a tremendous learning environment for our students. 

Students in the Animal Science - Dairy A.A.S., Dairy Management B.Tech., Agricultural Business A.A.S., and Agricultural Science programs utilize these facilities. Many of these students also visit, analyze, and evaluate progressive dairy farms and agri-service operations and attend a variety of university/extension and industry-sponsored conferences. These enable the students to apply concepts learned in their classes and provide them with valuable work experiences. Morrisville State College also owns more than 500 acres of cropland to grow their own forages.

The Agri-Business Center

The Agri-Business Center is a full-service dairy incubator located on the Morrisville State College campus. Its mission is to create and expand agricultural entrepreneurialism in New York state. The center has the capability to process almost any kind of dairy or pasteurized product and currently processes milk and ice cream for use in the Morrisville State College dining facilities.

Students in several programs of study, including Agricultural Business Development, Agricultural Business and Animal Science - Dairy, use the Agri-Business Center as an experiential laboratory.

ThinkPad University
Agricultural Business Development is a ThinkPad University program in which laptop computers are fully integrated into the classroom environment.