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School of Agriculture and Natural Resources

Dean: Christopher L. Nyberg
Phone: (315) 684-6083

Career Opportunities

Career Opportunities

One of every six jobs in the American economy are related to agricultural and food businesses. The curriculum in Agricultural Business is designed to provide students with technical and business skills necessary to be successful in our nation's largest industry. Career opportunities in agribusiness range from managing a dairy/equine farm or to working in the banking or publishing industries. Ample opportunities are available in the management of farm supply stores or cooperatives, agricultural input sales, working in the insurance or real estate areas, and a number of agricultural processing and manufacturing industries. Students may also pursue a four-year degree in Agricultural Business Development.

What are employers saying about our students?
"THANKS SO MUCH for sending Jenn our way! She did a great job with the All-American database project earlier this year. She is learning quickly and doing a fantastic job! This will be a good start to her career - learning the publishing business and getting involved in so many of the projects that happen here - Backus catalogs, Holstein World, FlashPoint newsletter, websites, photo library."
Kelly Driver, Advertising Manager, Holstein World.

What are students saying about our program?
"The Agricultural Business program at Morrisville State College prepared me for the real world environment. I enjoyed learning about the agriculture industry from my professors who have hands-on experience in agricultural management, banking, and marketing."
Jenn Frost, class of 2003 - Currently employed at Holstein World in Syracuse, NY.