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School of Agriculture and Natural Resources

Dean: Christopher L. Nyberg
Phone: (315) 684-6083

Course Description

Farm Management and Finance

This course is designed to give students a broad understanding of the management skills required to be successful in 21st century agriculture. Students will study organizational behavior, human resource management and financial decision making as they relate to agricultural businesses with a particular emphasis on: dairy, equine, vegetable and fruit production. Major emphasis is on the fundamental principles underlying sound farm organizational and operational decision making. The principles and techniques developed are general enough to have validity through time, in any geographic area under any conditions. On the other hand, they are specific enough to be applied to an individual farm at a given time. This course requires a 15 page research paper (APA format) applying sound theoretical and practical research to an agricultural business of choice. Prerequisite: ABGS 100 or permission of the instructor 4 credits: fall and spring