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School of Agriculture, Sustainability, Business and Entrepreneurship

Dean: Christopher L. Nyberg
Phone: (315) 684-6083

Course Description

Dairy Management Experience

The Cornell Dairy Management Experience (CDME) consists of courses and the modules that are required for the Bachelor of Technology in Diary Management. Students, in the spring semester of their junior year, will spend one semester in residency at Cornell University taking courses through the Department of Animal Science. The syllabus consists of courses and modules that place emphasis on practical technical and management applications in dairy herd management, herd health, dairy nutrition, and farm finance. Prerequisites: DANS 100, DANS 110, DANS 120, DANS 140, DANS 151, DANS 160, DANS 210, DANS 220, DANS 225, DANS 250, AGBS 100, AGBS 200, AGBS 240 16 credits (limited to juniors in the BT Dairy Management), spring semester

Admissions Requirements

Freshman: Desired: two units each of defined math and science and vocational agriculture. 

Transfer: Students who plan to transfer to a four-year program should elect appropriate science courses such as biology and/or chemistry, and mathematics.