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School of Agriculture and Natural Resources

Dean: Christopher L. Nyberg
Phone: (315) 684-6083

Environmental and Natural Resources Conservation A.S.

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Introductory Physics II

An introduction into the concepts and methods of scientific inquiry illustrated using fundamentals of thermal physics and classical electromagnetism complemented with laboratory experiments. It includes a survey of thermodynamic variables and laws applied to ideal-gas processes and phase changes in matter. Also, it discusses electromagnetic interactions and fields exemplified using charge statics and dynamics, simple elements of electric circuits, and an excursion into the nature of light. Prerequisite: PHYS 107 or permission of instructor 4 credits (3 lecture hours, 2 laboratory hours), spring semester This course satisfies the Liberal Arts and Sciences requirement and the SUNY General Education Requirement for Natural Science

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William S. Snyder
Chair - Environmental Sciences Department
(315) 684-6237
Bicknell Hall, Room 107

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