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School of Agriculture, Sustainability, Business and Entrepreneurship

Dean: Christopher L. Nyberg
Phone: (315) 684-6083

Course Description

Breaking And Training

The training of young, unbroken horses. Emphasis on the techniques to break and train these horses to ride or drive. Students are also responsible for the complete care of both the horses and the training facility. Prerequisites: ERID 103 with a B or better or ERID 105 with a B or better and permission of instructor, ESCI 150and ESCI 151with a C or better 3 credits (1 lecture hour/week, total of 60 laboratory hours), fall semester

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Clyde D. Cranwell
(315) 684-6604
Marshall Hall, Room 106

Erin E. Morgan-Paugh
(315) 684-6601

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Admissions Requirements

This program is a ThinkPad University curriculum in which the use of laptop computers is integrated into courses.

At least two units each of defined math and science are desirable, as are additional units in science (chemistry and biology).

Morrisville State College has a rolling admission policy; notification of acceptance begins November 1. SAT or ACT exams are recommended (required for baccalaureate degree programs), and an on–campus interview is encouraged.