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How did your education at Morrisville get you to where you are today?

“I owe a lot of my success to MSC and its professors. Not only did they prepare me with extensive knowledge of my specific field, they also prepared me for the "real world" in general. I was taught how to promote myself and my skills, how to conduct myself in professional situations, and much more.”
Meet Grace
Assistant Trainer and Barn Manager, Britt and Rachel McCormick
Major: Equine Science and Management and Equine Science B.Tech.

School of Agriculture and Natural Resources

Dean: Christopher L. Nyberg
Phone: (315) 684-6083

Degree Concentrations

Degree Concentrations

The Equine Science B.Tech. program is divided into several concentrations which allow students to focus on their interests and career goals.

Equine Science and Management

At the baccalaureate degree level, this option allows students to advance their technical preparation by following concentrations in western riding, English riding, driving and/or business management. This is accomplished with Advanced Specialization courses in one of these areas and a related internship.

Equine Racing

In this option, a student may concentrate in the care, training and racing of Standardbred harness horses or Thoroughbred racing horses. Students work with specifically assigned horses which are trained and raced by the college program. Students meeting industry mandated requirements are able to advance to increasingly higher levels of licensure. This is accomplished with Advanced Specializations in these areas and a related internship.

Equine Breeding

This option offers the student the opportunity to study the areas of Equine Breeding, Youngstock Management, Equine Reproduction and Stallion Management, and Equine Sales and Promotion. This is accomplished with Advanced Specializations in these areas and a related internship.

Equine Business Management

The concentration in equine business offers students the option of more advanced courses in business and marketing and is appropriate for students who are more interested in equine or agricultural sales, business or marketing.