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What "fun fact" can you tell us about Morrisville that is not well known?

"Morrisville recently created their own brand called 'Morrisville Fresh'. Morrisville Fresh was created by the Agriculture Business program. They create, market, and sell products that are locally grown and processed. Some products include Slather Sauce, Apple Splashers, Maple Madness, and Pina Salsa. Morrisville Fresh also sells hydroponically grown butter crisp lettuce and fresh cheese curds. The Agriculture Business students take pride in the production of local foods that they help create."

School of Agriculture and Natural Resources

Dean: Christopher L. Nyberg
Phone: (315) 684-6083

Horticulture Business Management B.Tech.


Horticulture Business Management is an innovative bachelor’s degree program that is designed to bridge the gap between a horticultural and business education. It provides students with both solid, hands-on horticulture and entrepreneurial-based education. This degree is the first of its kind in the Northeast.

The green industry, nationwide, generates approximately $147.8 billion in annual sales. Horticulture enterprises include a wide range of florists, growers, garden centers, landscapers, lawn care professionals... Opportunities are continuing to expand. The purpose of this program is to provide students entering the horticulture industry with the necessary knowledge, skills, and training to own, manage and/or be employed in a commercial horticulture business. The Ornamental Horticulture Program at Morrisville State College has had an on-going commitment to using entrepreneurial activities. Our outstanding faculty enables our students to participate in a wide range of horticulture business activities.

Although many graduates of this program will be interested in establishing their own business, this degree would also provide qualified students with the opportunity to secure entry level management positions in horticultural businesses in production, wholesale/retail marketing, and ornamental horticulture service areas such as, retail and wholesale nursery/greenhouse firms, retail garden centers, landscape businesses, food crop production, horticultural product development and marketing firms.

We encourage you to schedule a campus visit to see what this program has to offer.

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