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School of Agriculture and Natural Resources

Dean: Christopher L. Nyberg
Phone: (315) 684-6083

Course Description

Tower Climbing and Rescue

This course is designed to give hands-on experience for those entering the residential wind turbine industry. Initial focus is on tower climbing standards, terminology of the tower climbing industry, and competent climber expectations and duties. The course will emphasize working safely at heights, teamwork in stressful conditions, and fall protection equipment inspection. Students will be held to the National Association of Tower Erectors Authorized Climber and Competent Climber standards. Prospective students should be aware that this course is physically demanding and requires the willingness to be at heights. Must be able to lift 50 pounds and climb a ladder. Prerequisite: Renewable Energy major(s), or permission of instructor. 2 credits (1 hour of lecture and 2 hours of laboratory), spring semester