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"I credit Morrisville's internship opportunities that landed me five job offers when I graduated. Internships are a very beneficial part of your education and a stepping stone for anything you want to do."
Kimani Smith
Sales Agent, Pyramid Brokerage Co.
Entrepreneurship and Small Business Managment BA
Morrisville State College Class of 2010

School of Business and Hospitality

Dean: Alfred P. Muss
Phone: (315) 684-6923

Entrepreneurship and Small Business Management B.B.A.

Course Description

Entrepreneurial Finance

This course examines the basics of financial analysis, cash flow, credit and lending, the process of financing and financial growth of a new venture. The student will be introduced to obtaining and using various financial resources. The student will also learn how to create value using financing and financial structure as well as how to measure the value of a firm that might be used to purchase the operations. Topics include financial statements, forecasting, banking, venture capital, financial resources, business plan as related to financial information, and management of the financial resources of the firm. Prerequisites: Admission into the Entrepreneurship and Small Business Management BBA program, ENTR 317, BSAD 116, BSAD 221, ENTR 320, and ECON 100 or 140 3 credits, spring semester