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**These scholarships are unique to the office technology program .You may also view a list of general scholarships.


Beverly McKay, a former Office Technology instructor at Morrisville State College, along with her husband, generously contributes money each year to be distributed to an Office Technology student. Morrisville State College's Office Technology department presents this yearly award totaling four hundred dollars ($400) each spring semester (during a Secretaries' Day luncheon in April of each year) preferably to two Office Technology students.Office Technology students may apply for this award between the dates of February 14 and March 14 of that school year. No application documents will be accepted after March 14. The eligibility criteria that a student must provide or complete in order to be considered a candidate for this award are as follows:

  • Student must be of full-time status within the Office Technology curriculum at Morrisville State College.
  • Student must have at least one semester remaining of course work prior to graduating from the Office Technology curriculum at Morrisville State College.
  • Student must complete a McKay Award application.
  • Student must possess an overall GPA of 2.75 or higher at the time of the application review process. A copy of the student's current unofficial Morrisville State College transcript,including current spring semester mid-term grades, must be submitted.
  • Student must submit a one- to two-page typed document entitled:
    "Why Office Technology Skills are Vital in Today's Workforce"

A Review Committee (which consists of School of Business personnel) will process this information and award the following money to the top candidates as follows: $250 - First place candidate $150 - Second place candidateIn the event a tie is acknowledged by the Review Committee, whereby two applicants have equally illustrated their dedication and loyalty towards their educational goals here at Morrisville State College, two awards may be given of equal value (first place -- $200; second place -- $200).If only one candidate is selected for this annual award, that candidate will receive the full $400 amount.

Two Receive Office Technology Award at Picnic Luncheon

This year's award winners: Tiffany Schuffenecker (left) and Laura Freiberg(right).

Taking advantage of our long 10+ day stretch of beautiful weather this spring, on Thursday, April 14, 2005, the Office Technology faculty, students and various staff members from the School of Business held a picnic luncheon outside of Charlton Hall. Many awards were given at the luncheon. The two top awards were given to Laura Freiberg and Tiffany Schuffenecker who were both awarded as recipients of the Beverly McKay Office Technology Award. Laura (our first place winner) came to Morrisville State in the spring of 2004. Laura’s hometown is in Glen Head, New York. Her strong GPA (3.58) and written communication skills placed her as the top recipient for this award. She currently attends school full time and has worked full time over the past few summers in a medical office environment back home. Her work experience certainly adds to her thorough understanding of office operations.

The second place winner of this Award was given to Tiffany Schuffenecker. Tiffany is from Red Creek, New York, and started at Morrisville in the fall 2004 semester. Tiffany has proven to be an outstanding student with a GPA of 3.53. Her various professors on campus have come to look to Tiffany as a role model/mentor in that her computer skills are such that she often times lends a hand to others who may be experiencing trouble within their studies.

Many Office Technology students were able to gather to celebrate various other awards/recognitions as well during the 3 nd annual luncheon. Tokens of appreciation were given to the May 2005 graduating seniors including Sherri Benedict ( Cazenovia, NY), Sara Lovely, ( Cazenovia, NY), Carrie McFall ( Georgetown, NY) and Melissa Sutter ( Liverpool, NY). Other awards given at this luncheon which were recognized with a certificate included the Fastest Typist Award – recipient, Laura Freiberg with 94 wpm – 98% accuracy (Laura won this award at last year’s luncheon with a speed of 74 wpm); and the Fastest 10-Key Mastery – recipient,Lee Anne Fidler with 15,502 strokes per hour at 96% accuracy.

Others honored at this luncheon included Sandi Jones and Patti Purdy, Secretaries in the School of Business Office, for all of their hard work and dedication they display throughout the school year.