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Word Processing Certificate

Study From Home

Study From Home

This online Certificate allows students the flexibility of achieving certification because the online platform can be taken 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. No driving to a college campus; no sitting in "classrooms," which may make it difficult (even impossible) for many working individuals, stay at home parents, physically handicapped individuals, etc., from attending classes.

"I really enjoyed this course. The online format worked out really well."

     ~ Hollyce Kursteiner - May 2007

I really enjoyed this online course! It was very convenient. I also really liked the format of the course on WebCT. It has been very interesting to read others' points of view on the discussion topic of the week. The text is pretty straight to the point and thorough, which I also found to be helpful.

     ~ Adrienne Wolniak - Spring 2007

I love online courses! They are terrific for our busy, busy schedules!

     ~ Jessica Drosin - May 2007

As long as students have access to the Internet and the various Microsoft software programs, (Microsoft Word, Microsoft Access, Microsoft Excel) they can successfully complete all required courses from home.