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School of Business and Hospitality

Dean: Alfred P. Muss
Phone: (315) 684-6923

Travel and Tourism: Hospitality Management A.A.S.


The Travel and Tourism—Hospitality Management A.A.S. degree program takes a global approach to exploring the many segments of the travel and tourism/hospitality industry. Computer applications are integrated throughout the curriculum and computerized reservation systems are used to prepare graduates with the required competencies.

At Morrisville State College, students will have the advantage of small class sizes, superior technology and facilities and faculty with both academic and industry experience necessary to guide graduates on their future career and education paths. As a unique feature of the program, Morrisville State College operates an on–campus travel agency which features live SABRE, the computerized reservation system used to book flights on airlines by travel agents, tour operators and cruise lines.

All students enrolled in this degree program must complete an agency internship. Students also gain hands–on experience working in the Madison County Tourism Agency and working at fundraisers to earn money for academic field trips to some pretty exciting places!