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School of Business and Hospitality

Dean: Alfred P. Muss
Phone: (315) 684-6923

Travel and Tourism: Hospitality Management A.A.S.



The Travel & Tourism - Hospitality Management program has two very active student clubs:

The IFSEA (International Food Service Executives Association) Club won eight international awards at a conference in San Diego, California last year. Fundraisers, such as catering events and working at concerts, provide valuable experience and training.

The Student Travel Association (STA) is open to all students on campus who have an interest in destination familiarization, understanding different cultures, and the workings of the travel industry. Students participate in various social events, field trips to industry sites, and fundraising activities. The highlight of the year's activities is a weekend field and fun trip to a major tourist destination. The past several years, club members have travelled to Toronto, Canada.