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What advice would you give other students?

“The biggest thing I would say is no matter what you do you should find a silver lining. Have fun with whatever you are doing. Everything is an experience or a chance to learn and grow. Make that a focal point in your life for bigger and better things.”

School of Liberal Arts

Dean: Paul F. Griffin
Phone: (315) 684-6081

Criminal Justice B.Tech.

Course Description

Urban Sociology

SOCS 312- Urban Sociology Urban studies analyzes both the historical roots of urban development as well as the contemporary urban area as a regional social system. Basic sociological research concepts are used to discover demographic and organizational patterns and relate those patterns to urban problems and planning techniques. Prerequisite: SOCS 106 3 credits

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Clare E. Armstrong-Seward
Criminal Justice Program Chair
(315) 684-6148
Crawford Hall, Room 210

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