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School of Liberal Arts

Dean: Paul F. Griffin
Phone: (315) 684-6081

Human Services A.A.S.

Course Description

Careers in Helping Professions

This course will generate one credit hour by producing 16 hours of contact time over a 15-week semester. This course is designed to assist students wishing to pursue careers in helping professions. Focus will be on researching the breadth of positions available as well as salary range and educational requirements. Attention will also be given to specific concerns associated with professional helpers such as boundaries, interpersonal skills, and appropriate conduct in both the professional and personal settings. Prerequisite: None Co-requisite: HUMS 101; HUMS 141 1 credit (1 lecture hour/week), fall and spring semesters

Admissions Requirements

Students must be prepared to enter Composition and Research (ENGL 101) and Intermediate Algebra with Trigonometry (MATH 102). Students who do not demonstrate the ability to meet these minimum requirements will be required to successfully complete preparatory coursework and skill-building classes before admission to the Human Services degree program.

Once students have met admission requirements, they will be allowed to transfer into the Human Services program.