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Why Morrisville?

"I chose Morrisville because my visit to Morrisville during my senior year of high school convinced me that it seemed like the right place for me. My soccer coach managed to get the Morrisville head coach, at the time, to try me out and practice with the team. Not only were the team and the captains so inviting, but walking around campus and seeing such a different environment other than the city life convinced me that a change of scenery was what I needed."

School of Liberal Arts

Dean: Paul F. Griffin
Phone: (315) 684-6081

Journalism & Communication for Online Media B.S.


The bachelor of science degree in Journalism & Communication for Online Media (JCOM) will give students a strong background in journalism, including advanced writing and reporting techniques. At the same time, it prepares them to work in digital video, audio, and still-photography production. It provides specialized technical instruction in the application of mass communication and journalism concepts to the World Wide Web.

Successful completion of the curriculum will afford students a choice between working for first-source online news services or for Web sites hosted by print or broadcast journalism companies. It will also prepare them to work as an online content provider, or for corporate intranet systems and internal communication departments of companies, unrelated to the world of journalism-- in areas such as public relations, promotions, and advertising.

Online communication relies heavily on a strong background in writing—for print and broadcast—adapted to meet the demands of today’s communication technologies. It requires knowledge of elements of broadcasting and photojournalism, including audio and video editing. As graduates, students will be prepared to enter either Web or print communication and journalism. Major competency requirements include journalism, computer-assisted reporting, specialized writing, video production for the Web, digital still-photography and editing, digital audio editing, and web page design and production.

This program builds on the traditional strengths of the Journalism Department, founded in 1967. The Bachelor of Science in Journalism & Communication for Online Media will emphasize a strong foundation in writing as a primary skill in the public communication industries in which graduates will find employment.

The JCOM degree program will also develop students' competencies in online communications forms, including the planning, writing, and execution of Web-based information delivery systems related to the fields of journalism, public communication, and business.

"What we have developed is unique in the nation among bachelor’s degree programs. The tools of content providers for the Internet are the same tools Morrisville’s Journalism Program has always taught—good writing and editing and the ability to tell a story across different media forms. We’re very proud to offer this program in support of an industry that has a huge need for Web site content providers. It fits right in with the 40-year mission of this department."

– Brian L. McDowell, Assistant Professor of Journalism; program author 

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Marti C. Howell-Collins
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