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Why Morrisville?

"I chose Morrisville because my visit to Morrisville during my senior year of high school convinced me that it seemed like the right place for me. My soccer coach managed to get the Morrisville head coach, at the time, to try me out and practice with the team. Not only were the team and the captains so inviting, but walking around campus and seeing such a different environment other than the city life convinced me that a change of scenery was what I needed."

School of Liberal Arts

Dean: Paul F. Griffin
Phone: (315) 684-6081

Journalism & Communication for Online Media B.S.

Course Description

Online Writing & Production

Adapting written, audio, and video files for the Internet, incorporating style and format changes to accommodate online audiences. Writing assignments for news and marketing content. Examination of the elements of print and broadcast writing styles that contribute to online content. A thorough review of the differences and similarities that mark the era of media convergence in journalism. Prerequisites: JOUR 214 with a C+ or better 3 credits (2 lecture hours, 2 laboratory hours)

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Marti C. Howell-Collins
(315) 684-6167
Hamilton Hall, Room 036

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