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Journalism Studies A.A.


The Journalism Studies program at Morrisville State College is a terrific place to begin your education in many different fields related to public communication. A portion of our graduates go on to careers in print, online and broadcast media; however, the majority work in public relations, advertising, marketing, photography and other related industries.

Faculty and coursework place a strong emphasis on improving the student's skills as a writer. It is writing that is the cornerstone for success in any public communication field, and at Morrisville you will find your own style as a writer within a system that allows you to summarize complex concepts and ideas in terms your audience will understand.

Many journalism graduates cite the hands-on experience they received through our production labs as the "backbone" of the Journalism Program. The labs give them opportunities to explore various communication careers in laboratory settings that mirror real-world industries. Production lab options include The Chimes, the campus newspaper of Morrisville State College, photography, and WCVM, which includes WCVM-AM 1580 "The Vortex"; and WCVM Cable Channel 4. Each entity offers students vast opportunities to learn and practice student media management strategies, media business operations and media production skills.

You will be encouraged to try more than one lab during your Morrisville career, as each lab helps you to identify your specific career interests before choosing an internship experience off campus. Morrisville State College's journalism program offers the strengths of small class sizes, real-world journalism experience and extremely dedicated faculty. The journalism department prides itself on establishing a "family" oriented atmosphere will students will have the support and learn the skills they need to become leaders in a variety of media careers. 

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