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Journalism Studies A.A.

Alumni Testimonials

The greatest testament to the success of our program is the more than 1,700 graduates who continue to support the program years after they leave:

"I just want to take the opportunity to write that I grew up at Morrisville... I graduated with honors, got into all four-year colleges I applied to, and, most importantly, I gained self-confidence."
"Easily the most impressive aspect of the Journalism department is the faculty. Finding a transfer college that has faculty like Morrisville's is a feat indeed. The way they carry themselves and their style of teaching are second to none. The teachers take the time and initiative to know each student and guide them in the right direction. I couldn't say enough about the Journalism faculty. They have taught me so much. I'm actually confident about employment, even after just two years."
"The Journalism curriculum is one of the best programs on this campus. It has done a lot for my academic improvement and for my self-esteem, and taught me to stand up for the things I believe in."
"I truly enjoyed the Journalism program at Morrisville State College. I feel I was well prepared to jump into the field if I chose to do so. All the professors were terrific because they understood the students' needs. Thanks to them, I have a full understanding of what it takes in the field of Journalism. Thank you."
"After leaving Morrisville, I went to Mesa Community College in Mesa, Arizona, then I transferred to Keene State College in Keene, New Hampshire. Of the three schools, Morrisville State College was by far the best. I feel I left Morrisville ready to work. I learned more in my two years there than the combined two other schools. The best part of my education at Morrisville State College was my professors. The teachers in the Journalism department were the best teachers I had at any of the three schools."
"The Journalism department is fantastic and unique. It should be given all the support it needs by Morrisville College. It is the closest, most personalized department on campus. I could not have chosen a better department or college, including any four-year college. It rocked my world."
"I think that the Journalism program is in itself top-notch. Attending Morrisville instead of going on to a four-year school after graduation (H.S.) was the best decision of my life! The staff here works one-on-one with its students, creating a family atmosphere like no other program."

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