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School of Liberal Arts

Dean: Paul F. Griffin
Phone: (315) 684-6081

Journalism Studies A.A.

Course Description

News Writing & Reporting

Fundamentals of news writing, the techniques of gathering news, and the elements of writing style that make a good reporter. Elements of the news story including the lead, style and structure of news stories, copy editing, news sources, and types of news stories. Pre or Co-requisite: COMP 101 or permission of instructor. 3 credit hours ( 2 lecture, 2 lab hours), fall semester.

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Marti C. Howell-Collins
(315) 684-6167
Hamilton Hall, Room 036

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Admissions Requirements

It is beneficial for students to have basic computer literacy, a solid command of English grammar and experience in desktop publishing, photography or newswriting.

Morrisville State College has a rolling admission policy; notification of acceptance begins November 1. SAT or ACT exams are recommended, and an on-campus interview is encouraged.