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School of Liberal Arts

Dean: Paul F. Griffin
Phone: (315) 684-6081

Humanities & Social Science - Humanities Option A.A.


The Humanities program at Morrisville State College has a dual mission. It provides required and elective courses for its majors and also offers a wide variety of courses for students in programs all across campus. Humanities offerings include courses in Art, Communication, English, Education, Foreign Language, Humanities, Music, and Philosophy.

Humanities courses differ from courses in other disciplines by taking into special consideration the human experience in a variety of situations. Students are encouraged to ask questions about a subject in order to probe its relevance and to look for answers to questions by using a variety of techniques, including logical reasoning, interpretation, and analysis.

Program Objectives

For Humanities majors:

  • Student transcripts will show a breadth of successful coursework in Humanities courses.
  • Students will practice a classroom ethic and academic attitude that show collective spirit, questioning and critical perspective.
  • Students will be encouraged to explore academic and professional opportunities with instructors and advisors.
  • Faculty will exhibit reflective practice and currency in their teaching and pursue professional enrichment for the betterment of their students.
  • Faculty will periodically review, change, and develop curriculum to maintain currency, as appropriate.

For the General College Population:
The Humanities program will provide the college population with access to instruction in Basic Communication, Humanities, the Arts, Foreign Language, and (as necessary) Other World Civilization courses with critical thinking and information technology infused throughout the curriculum.