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Science, Technology & Society B.S.

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Values of Science &Technology

HUMN 101 The Values of Science and Technology This course explores the ethical, social, political, and religious issues associated with science and technology. For many people, the practice of science is the pursuit of knowledge, while the application of technology involves tools that may have a positive impact on society, depending upon the actions of those using them. Students in this course will analyze contemporary challenges to those views, through the use of case studies and theoretical investigations (including fiction and film). The course will confront both science and technology with questions about knowledge, expertise, progress, and neutrality. By the end of the class, students should have a richer perspective on the values and challenges of science and technology within society. Prerequisite: "C" or better in ENGL 101 Pre- or Co-requisite - Lab science 3 credits (3 lecture hours) fall or spring semester

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Wyatt J. Galusky
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