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Science, Technology & Society B.S.

Course Description

History of Science

This is a general topics course focusing on the history of science. The course surveys human understanding of the nature of the universe, beginning with the Neolithic peoples and continuing through ancient cultures such as the Chinese and Greeks and on into the early development of modern science in Europe. It ends with a discussion of the broad developments in science occurring in the past 200 years of world history. The role of ideology and technology in shaping our understanding of the world is also addressed. While covering the general shifts in world view from supernatural to natural, from philosophy to science, the course also will address the Kuhnian analysis of the paradigm as a key to understanding the nature of scientific knowledge and how communities accept new conceptions of the nature of the universe. Prerequisite: STS 101 or any 100-level HIST course or permission of instructor. 3 credits (3 lecture hours) fall semester These credits count toward the Social Sciences (list C) requirements for graduation.

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