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School of Liberal Arts

Dean: Paul F. Griffin
Phone: (315) 684-6081

Science, Technology & Society B.S.



Depending on their chosen concentration, students will use a wide variety of facilities and real-world learning laboratories at Morrisville State College.

Natural Resources Concentration
Students in the natural resources concentration will take advantage of Morrisville State College's rural setting in beautiful upstate New York, with 150 acres of campus land and 1,000 acres of nearby farm and woodlands.

On-campus resources include:

  • Arboretum with over 100 native species
  • 5 dedicated environmental laboratories
  • Aquaculture facility
  • 800 acres of college forest property
  • Aquatic research vessel and mobile laboratory
  • Wildlife, fish and natural history museums
  • High technology forestry instrumentation
  • State of the art global positioning system (GPS) technology and geographic information system (GIS) software
  • 16 station natural resources GPS/GIS computer laboratory
  • On-campus ponds, streams, and natural areas
  • Heavy equipment including a log skidder
  • Crane lodge field station
  • Georgetown educational forest
  • Old growth forest Area
  • Owens farm wildlife management area
  • Nature trails

In addition, Morrisville State College is breaking new ground in the research and development of alternative energies. An on-campus 10 kW wind turbine and anaerobic methane digester provide unique learning opportunities.

Information Technology
Morrisville State College's high-tech campus provides an excellent learning laboratory for students. Information technology facilities include multi-media classrooms, a networking lab, conference rooms and more. The Morrisville State College campus is intensively wireless, featuring one of the fastest wireless networks in the world.

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