Science, Technology & Society :: Energy Alternatives Art Project (STS Symposium 2008)

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click for pdf versionAs part of the STS Symposium on Energy Alternatives, we solicited artwork from the surrounding community that creatively engages the human relationship to energy. We looked to receive digital images that represent people’s attempts to promote awareness of how thoroughly our lives are involved with energy in various forms. These creative works are of things you see, or things you make, or things you do, and were translated into a digital image and submitted through our website. People of all ages submitted entriesoffering us all the opportunity to rethink our relationship to energy through this creative project.

Submissions were made in three basic categories:

  • At Home
  • At School/Work
  • Out in the World

In thinking through our submissions in the above categories, consider the following questions that might suggest avenues for your own participation.

  • Who uses energy? Why? How?
  • What do you use energy for?
  • How do you use/abuse energy?
  • What alternative energies do you use? What makes them “alternative?”
  • What makes energy possible?
  • What affect does energy have on you, your environment, your community?
  • How might you rethink energy and its uses?
  • How are you reducing/ conserving/ replacing energy?
  • What do you use that requires the biggest use of energy? The smallest?
  • What does energy cost?

Each individual could submit up to three entries, and those submissions could all be in the same category or in different categories. Submissions were made before April 3, 2008.

View the 2008 art project submissions...