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STS Symposium I - "How Green Is Central New York?" - April 11, 2007

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6 p.m. A showing of the film An Inconvenient Truth

A short break will follow the film. Refreshments will be available for purchase in the STUAC lobby at Jazzy Jo’s coffee shop.

8 p.m. Introductory remarks by Dr. Raymond Cross, President of Morrisville State College who will discuss the state of green technology and agriculture at Morrisville State College.

8:15 p.m.Panel Discussion:
“How Green is Central New York?”

There will be a 5 minute statement by each panelist followed by questions from the audience and general discussion.

How Green is Central New York?

The faculty at MSC speak:

… on construction and building development.

Paul Crovella, Associate Professor in the Residential Construction program at Morrisville State College, has a broad interest in the use of sustainable techniques and renewable resources in construction. He is currently engaged in a project in Brazil to improve the utilization of their plantation-grown Eucalyptus. The history of the project is instructive of the challenges, difficulties, and surprises which arise in even the most positive sounding “green” projects.

… on “greenness” as a social value.

Wyatt Galusky, Assistant Professor of Humanities, teaches philosophy at Morrisville State College and has a Ph.D. in Science, Technology and Society, a field that integrates social values important to the people of specific cultures and the artifacts and technology they build which reflect those values. Dr. Galusky is currently researching the connection between “in-vitro meat” technology and the food supply in American culture.

… on natural resource conservation.

Brendan Kelly, Assistant Professor of Natural Resources, has joined the Morrisville faculty this year after serving as a Senior Forester for the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC), where he was closely involved in working with landowners seeking to manage their properties in an ecologically sound manner. Professor Kelly has agreed to join the panel in lieu of Professor Hunter who could not be here this evening.

… on energy and power.

Kurt Reymers, Assistant Professor of Social Science, is a sociologist and is speaking from the standpoint of a social activist fighting the construction of a 400,000 volt power line proposed by New York Regional Interconnect, Inc., (NYRI). If built, the proposed line would be constructed along railroad lines from Utica to Sullivan County. The proposed line would divert power from central and western New York State to the New York City metropolitan region. The proposed path would pass through fifty upstate towns and villages and cross hundreds of streams and rivers, deeply affecting people and agriculture alike. NYRI has stated that they will use the power of eminent domain to secure privately owned land for the project.

… on ecology and social development.

William Snyder, Professor and Chair of the Environmental Sciences at Morrisville State College, is an expert in aquatic science and invasive species. The increased contact between world cultures, and particularly the distribution of water-borne organisms traveling from shore to shore via largely unregulated boating customs, is a “green” concern that grows with social development and globalization.

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