Science, Technology & Society :: STS Symposium 2009

Cyberculture: The Network Society of the 21st Century

STS Symposium 2009 - click for PDF.On April 16, 2009, from 3pm - 6pm at the Morrisville State College Student Center (STUAC) (or via video feed to our Norwich campus) our 3rd annual STS Symposium took place. The theme was "Cyberculture" and we discussed what it means to live in the network society of the twenty-first century. Four faculty panelists included their perspectives on cybercultural change in their respective fields.

Our keynote speaker, Dr. Brent Jesiek (Assistant Professor, Purdue University), online organizer of the April 16 Archive: Collecting and Preserving the Stories of the Virginia Tech Tragedy, from the Center for Digital Discourse and Culture, Virginia Polytechnic University, presented via the internet (Skype) his talk, titled "Tragedy Remembered - and Forgotten: The Politics of Memory and Technology," available here.Brent

Second Life
We also met up on Friday, April 17, at 2pm in Second Life! Kurt Karsin (Dr. Reymers) hosted further discussion of online social issues in the Rose Room of Rockcliffe University in Second Life. The STS program has continued representation in Second Life at the island of Macmillan Publishing Group (publishers of the scientific journal Nature). Click here to teleport to Kurt Karsin's complex network lab in Second Life!