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School of Liberal Arts

Dean: Paul F. Griffin
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Science, Technology & Society B.S.

STS Symposium 2014

Throughout time, our own baser fears about scientific “monsters” are metamorphosed into creatures of mythology, literature, and film. An investigation into these monstrosities through a film series, interactive demonstrations, guest lecturers, and a panel discussion is the focus of this symposium where guest speakers will discuss, question, and get us thinking about our roles in “monster-making” and our ability to conquer such technological terrors. In this year’s symposium, we focus on side-effects of science and technology that might be characterized as “monstrous”, such as modern robots that are technological monsters; human monsters aided by technology and science; and the scientific monsters which create nuclear contamination, invasive species, “smart” weapons, and global climate change. The Symposium will take place at Morrisville State College's STUAC Lobby and Little Theater on April 17 from noon until 6pm, with a film showing in the MSC Little Theater taking place each night before and after the week of the symposium.

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Wyatt J. Galusky
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Kurt E. Reymers
Department of Social Sciences
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