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Teacher Education (Transfer) A.A., A.S.

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World History to 1600

This course is an introductory survey of Ancient World History to 1600 C.E. It explores how human societies developed an increasingly complex set of socio-economic and political systems in response to physical and cultural challenges. It begins with the development of agriculture as a key event and then focuses on the nature of early world civilizations. The course then studies the civilizations of representative cultures from all areas of the world including the Americas, Africa, East and South Asia, the Middle East, and Europe, demonstrating the way each society addressed key problems through its economic, political, and religious institutions. 3 credits (3 lecture hours) fall semester This course satisfies the Liberal Arts and Sciences requirement and the SUNY General Education Requirement for Other World Civilization. Students may not receive credit for both SOCS 103 and HIST 151

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Laura M. Pierie
TET Coordinator (Teacher Education Transfer)
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