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“I could not have asked for a better college to prepare me for the automotive industry. From vehicle diagnostics, to learning how to manage a business within the automotive industry, I feel that I came into the job fully prepared. I am currently in a management program for Enterprise Holdings, where I apply everything I have learned at MSC. I can't thank my professors/mentors enough for their help and influence on my college experience and am proud to say I still keep in touch with them!”

Deivy Martinez 
Class of 2011
Enterprise Rent-A-Car / New Rochelle, NY
Major: Automotive Management B.B.A.

School of Science, Technology and Health Studies

Dean: Joseph H. Bularzik
Phone: (315) 684-6079

Course Description

Automotive Electronics I

Direct and alternating current circuits, magnetism, inductance, electrochemical action, and semiconductors.Introduction to automotive wiring diagrams, using voltage, amperage, and resistance measurements to troubleshoot opens, shorts, and excess resistance problems in basic DC circuits. Introduction to automotive cranking and charging systems. 3 credits (2 lecture hours, 3 laboratory hours), fall or spring semester