Automotive Technology (Ford ASSET Option) A.A.S.

Course Description

Applied Electricity & Electron

The student will learn the rules governing basic direct current circuits and passive components, as well as the methods of measuring these properties. Fundamental analysis of basic automotive series and parallel circuits, and measurement with digital meters and oscilloscopes will be covered. Simple controlling elements such as basic relays, diodes and transistors used as switches will be examined. Practical troubleshooting using digital meters and oscilloscopes (voltage drops, current testing, and resistance checks) are covered. Prerequisite: ASET 103 or permission of instructor 3 credits (2 lecture hours, 2 laboratory hours), spring semester

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Admissions Requirements

Vocational training is not a requirement.

Morrisville State College has a rolling admission policy; notification of acceptance begins November 1. SAT or ACT exams are recommended, and an on–campus interview is encouraged.