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What is Computer Science?
  • You can get many different answers depending on who you ask! We consider Computer Science as a multi-disciplinary field that involves understanding how a computer's hardware actually works, how to program that hardware, what capabilities and limitations software and hardware have, and how to use all this knowlege to solve problems or perform tasks. Most CS graduates with a four-year degree get jobs as computer programmers.
What do I need to know before studying Computer Science?
  • Math, for one thing. We require all our graduates to complete two semesters of calculus, so the stronger your math background, the more easily you can complete the math sequence.
    You should also have some familiarity with computers, including knowing how to do things such as create folders or directories, move or copy files, and use common applications such as editors, word processors and spreadsheets.
Do I need to know how to program?
  • No. We start programming from the very beginning.
Do I need my own computer?
  • As part of the ThinkPad University, we require all students to have their own notebook computer. We recommend that you buy or lease one from the college. If you supply your own computer you must make sure that it can work with the campus network and that it has the proper capabilities to run any required software.
  • When you obtain a PC from the college, we take care of those details, plus provide insurance, maintenance, and technical support.
What languages do you teach?
  • We teach Java in the introductory courses; second year courses include Assembly Language and C. We also explore other languages from time to time, including Scheme, C++, and even programming Lego MindStorm robots.
What operating systems do you use?
  • All the new laptops come with Windows XP Professional (SP2) preinstalled, and the college has numerous file servers running various flavors of Windows NT.
  • The Computer Science department also has a server running FreeBSD that we use in one of our courses. Many students install Linux on their PCs, and our department owns a Sony PlayStation 2 with the Linux developers kit installed.
What happens once I graduate?
  • Most likely, you transfer to an upper-division school where you complete your four-year degree. While some of our graduates have gone directly to jobs, opportunities for CS majors with a two-year degree are fairly limited.
Which upper-division schools do most of your graduates transfer to?
  • The top two (in alphabetical order) are Rochester Institute of Technology and SUNY College of Technology in Utica/Rome.
What companies do your graduates work for?
  • After completing their four-year degrees, our alumni work for companies such as (in alphabetical order) AT&T, IBM, Motorola, Silicon Graphics, and many others.
Why should I choose Morrisville State College?
  • Small classes! Save money! Our introductory courses rarely have more than twenty students. Instead of sitting in a large lecture hall with dozens or hundreds of other students, you get the personal attention that can help you succeed.
  • Also, two years at Morrisville State often costs less than ONE year at many other schools. This can cut the cost of your four-year degree by over 25%.
  • Of course, we have faculty with real-world experience in software development who can provide students with practical hands-on learning.

How can I find out more?

Contact Karin Kimber:
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Karin Kimber

Department of Math & Computer Science

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