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School of Science, Technology and Health Studies

Dean: Joseph H. Bularzik
Phone: (315) 684-6079

Course Description

Univ PhysicsIII(Sound Thermod)

Theoretical basis of electricity and magnetism with applications to circuits and electrical instruments. Coulomb’s law, the electric field, potential, Gauss’ law, electromotive force, capacitance, Kirchhoff’s laws, the magnetic field, Ampere’s law, induced fields, magnetic properties of matter, mutual and self-inductance, AC circuits. Finishes with an overview of Maxwell’s equations and electromagnetic waves. Prerequisite: PHYS 158 Co-requisite: MATH 261 4 credits (3 lecture hours, 3 laboratory hours), fall semester These credits count toward the Math and/or Science (List B) requirements for graduation.


Robert Milano
(315) 684-6278
Galbreath Hall, Room 108

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Admissions Requirements

High School Preparation: Required:  minimum high school average of B,  four units of  defined  math to include pre-calculus and three units of defined  science including chemistry.  Desired: one additional unit each of defined math, physics and biology.