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School of Science, Technology and Health Studies

Dean: Joseph H. Bularzik
Phone: (315) 684-6079

Human Performance and Health Promotion B.S.

Course Description

Kinesiology & Applied Anatomy

This course deals with the study of the musculoskeletal system and its involvement in human movement. Emphasis is placed on understanding the functional anatomy of the musculoskeletal and articular systems. Basic neuromuscular and biomechanical principles are introduced. Laboratory exercises concentrate on the role of muscle and joint action during basic movements and the adaptations resulting from pathologic conditions. Analysis of skill performances and their relationship to muscle, skeletal, and nervous systems will be emphasized. Prerequisites: C- or better in BIOL 150 or ESCI 110 Corequisite: PHYS 107 4 credits (3 lecture hours and 2 laboratory hour per week), fall semester

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Kristen L. Kane
(315) 684-6146
Crawford Hall, Room 352

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Admissions Requirements

Students wishing to enter this program must meet the following requirements:
Minimum SAT scores of 500 in math and 450 in critical reading.

Desired: Math through pre-calculus and general chemistry.