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Advanced Standing

Advanced Standing

Graduate practical nurses and Licensed Practical Nurses (LPNs) may be eligible to receive credit for NURS 105 on the basis of prior education and work experience.

  • Graduate Practical Nurses: Credit for NURS 105 (having an average of 80 or better during the Practical Nurse program)
  • Licensed Practical Nurses: May receive credit for NURS 105
  • Using Excelsior College Examinations, LPNs may also challenge Anatomy and Physiology and Microbiology
  • Other college credits may also be transferable

It is advised that you schedule a meeting with the Associate Dean for Nursing to determine placement in the nursing curriculum and to discuss how coursework might be completed based on your work schedule by calling 315-684-6016.

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Admissions Requirements

Students wishing to enter this program must meet the following requirements:
The student entering the Nursing A.A.S. program from high school must have a minimum high school average of B or better, biology, chemistry, and New York state Math A, all with a minimum Regents score of 65. It is beneficial for students to have completed an additional year of both science and mathematics. 

The NLN pre-admission exam is required. A minimum composite score of a 100 is required for admission into the nursing program. 

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