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"Dr. Crawford has helped me break out of my shell and get me into the hang of being a college student. Professor Heimer has also been a major influential force on my college student development. When I thought things were impossible, she gave me the encouragement I needed!"

School of Science, Technology and Health Studies

Dean: Joseph H. Bularzik
Phone: (315) 684-6079

Course Description

Fundamentals of Nursing 1A

This course provides the theoretical foundation for nursing education and practice including the nursing process with emphasis on the assessment phase. Theory of therapeutic communication techniques and basic human needs across the life span are correlated to general knowledge of the biologic sciences and humanities. Standards for professional nursing practice are defined. The concept of critical thinking as it applies to health care is introduced. Students learn nursing procedures in a campus laboratory setting utilizing medical technology to complete accurate nursing assessment. Pre or Co-Requisites: BIOL 150, ENGL 101, PSYC 101 3 credits (4 lecture hours, 5 college laboratory hours per week for the first 7 weeks of the fall or spring semester)

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Admissions Requirements

Nursing is a competitive program that requires students to have a strong background in biology, chemistry and math. All applications are reviewed holistically for admission to the college. It is strongly suggested that SAT and/or ACT scores be submitted.

In order to be admitted directly into the Nursing Program, successful applicants must also take the NLN ( ) and receive a minimum score of 100. Accepted students who do not successfully score 100 or above on the NLN or who otherwise lack prerequisite academic background may be offered admission into Liberal Arts: Math and Science. These students will be advised by a Nursing Faculty member who can suggest coursework appropriate to the area of interest.

The NLN pre-admission exam is required. A minimum composite score of a 100 is required for admission into the nursing program. 

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