Residence Hall Staff

Shawna Mott
Assistant Director of Residence Life

Originally from Oneonta, NY, I graduated with my undergraduate degree in Psychology from SUNY Oneonta. I completed my master's degree in Educational Administration and Policy Studies at University of Albany. Prior to working here, I worked at SUNY Oneonta.

This is my first year working at Morrisville State College.   I am the Area Coordinator of Mohawk Hall and I have been enjoying working so closely with the students and staff here.  The best part of my job is being proactive in helping students achieve success in all aspects of their lives while they are in college.  Building a positive report with students in the key to having a successful experience!  I enjoy playing volleyball and traveling in my free time.  My advice to students is to get involved!  This is the time to put yourself out there and meet new people.  Get as much as you can from your college experience, because it goes by fast.  Lastly, reflect on your experience here, and leave here knowing that you made a positive change in your own life!

David Stedman
Residence Hall Director

Graduate Degree: Elmira College – Adult Education
Undergraduate Degree: Elmira College – Bachelors Fine Art
Hometown: Utica, NY
Number of Years working at Morrisville: since April 2010

Dave loves being able to watch Morrisville students of very different upbringings become friends and colleagues: “The best part of my job is I love making a difference. I love showing students the path after college, to hopefully motivate them, to perform to the best of their abilities.”

For fun, Dave enjoys fishing, golf, duck hunting, volunteer ambulance driving, smoking cigars, and his truck.

Dave’s advice for students: “Make sure when you are picking a major or if you are in college, please keep this in mind. Whatever field of study you pick, please remember you have to wake up and perform every day. You will find your true calling when you enjoy being at your job.”

Ali Gonzalez
Assistant Director of Residence Life

Graduate Degree: Master of Science in Recreation and Leisure Studies - Management
Undergraduate Degree: Organizational Management – Roberts Wesleyan College
Hometown: Caguas Puerto Rico
Number of Years working at Morrisville: since August 2013

I embrace the opportunity to work with Morrisville diverse student body. I really have to think outside of the box and be more creative in order to meet the needs of our entire student population. The best part of my job is working closely with students and a dedicated student staff (RA). I am able to be a role model and have a meaningful relationship with them. I have an opportunity to develop strong partnerships with faculty, staff, and students, in order to ensure student success.

I enjoy movies, exercise, Salsa dancing, and going on outdoor adventures. My advice to students is to be engaged in your community! Take risk, and do not be afraid of making mistakes, as long as you reflect and learn from them. Surround yourself with positive people –role models- during your college career.

Amy Broedel
Residence Hall Director

Graduate Degree: Curriculum Development and Instructional Technology—SUNY Albany (May, 2016)
Undergraduate Degree: Elementary Education—Grand Canyon University
Hometown: North Brookfield, NY
Number of Years working at Morrisville: 4

My favorite part about working at Morrisville is knowing that I’ve made the difference in someone’s life and/or helped them make a positive change.  It is amazing and eye-opening to see the growth of the students here at Morrisville.  I love student interaction and development, along with supervising some truly amazing RA staffs.

In my free time, I enjoy creating new adventures with my son, Lex!

To all the students:  be yourself, enjoy life, and step out of your comfort zone—there is a lot to learn and see.  Believe in yourself, trust in your instincts, set goals, and learn from all the experiences you have!

Albert Maya
Residence Hall Director

Graduate Degree: Master of the Arts in Student Affairs in Higher Education from Indiana University of Pennsylvania.
Undergraduate Degree: Associate of Liberal Arts degree from Gloucester County Community College and Bachelor of Arts in Psychology with a minor in Critical Sexualities Studies from Rutgers, New Brunswick.
Hometown: Albert R Maya Jr. hails from Swedesboro in the suburbs of Southern New Jersey.

Albert has worked at Morrisville for under a year and has found the faculty, staff, and students at Morrisville to be exceptionally friendly and helpful. He also enjoys working alongside students and getting to know them, in order to better help and improve their undergraduate experience. The Undergraduate experience is one of the most important times in one’s life, and Albert endeavors to make his student’s experience as intentional and phenomenal as possible!

Albert enjoys gaming, including video and tabletop games, as well as watching Netflix, reading novels, cooking and caring for his house plants. He hopes to soon own a new vehicle, preferably a Mini Cooper.

Alex Perry
Residence Hall Director

Graduate: Central Connecticut State University; M.S. Counselor Education with a Specialization in Student Development in Higher Education
Undergraduate: University of Hartford; A.A. in General Studies, B.A. in Psychology, and B.S. in Health Sciences
Hometown: Middletown, CT

This is my first year at Morrisville and I am the Resident Director of West Hall. I am also excited to work with Morrisville's Early Opportunity Program (EOP) and the Cambridge Education Group as a summer RD as well. 

Prior to coming to Morrisville, I was a Resident Assistant for 4 years at the University of Hartford, and I have held numerous positions in the field of student affairs. I have experience in career services, academic advising, student center operations, and equity and diversity.

What excites me to work at Morrisville is the diverse student body and also the wide array of Bachelor and Associate degrees to choose from. I credit my Associate's degree for giving me the foundation to be where I am today. My advice to students is to find your niche on campus. College campuses have a lot to offer from student clubs, sports teams, on campus leadership positions, and collaborating with faculty and staff members. Find what makes you happy and flourish!