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Technology Services

Student Telecommunications

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Campus Telecommunications

The college-owned PBX telephone system is a Northern Telcom SL-1 Meridian switch that serves all faculty and staff on campus with local and long distance calling and voice mail.

The college leases eight outbound long distance lines and six inbound 800 WATS lines. The 800 lines terminate in the Admissions, Financial Aid, Alumni, Instructional Communication, Summer School, and Computer Center offices.

Division of the Budget (DOB) guidelines require that campus-leased lines be used soley for the preformance of official state business only. They prohibit the use of state-owned telephone equipment for personal business. It is also against state law to accept collect calls on state-owned equipment. For personal calls, faculty and staff may use a personal telephone calling card or call collect.

Volume XI, section 7.0300 of the New York State Accounting System User Procedure Manual requires that agencies collect the amount of all toll charges for all personal long distance telephone calls, including personal emergency calls. Therefore, if you must use a campus telephone to make a personal call due to a personal or family emergency, you are expected to contact the business office so payment can be arranged.

All faculty and staff telephones can access toll free numbers by dialing 8-1-800 or 8-1-888 or 8-1-877. The long distance operator (for calling card calls) by dialing 8-0 or the calling card's 800 number. 

The campus directory is updated at the beginning of each fall semester. Printed in the back of the telephone directory are directions for the use of campus telephones and voice mail. If you have problems with your telephone - or need specific instructions, please call Technology Services at 315-684-6053.