Copper Turret

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Hot Line

The Copper Turret's hot line is where customer orders are cooked and finished before serving. Students in Morrisville State College's hospitality programs work in the hot line and all areas of the Copper Turret kitchen, learning the fundamentals of food preparation. Students have the opportunity to work with world-class ingredients from local farms and suppliers, and international markets.

The Copper Turret's electronic point-of-sale system is especially helpful. Students in the Tavern or Dining Rooms are able to input orders into this system, which are automatically displayed on computer monitors in the hot line for preparation.

Copper Turret

The Copper Turret is a college-owned restaurant located just off campus in the center of Morrisville, N.Y. In addition to its role as a fully-operational dining establishment, the popular eatery serves as a learning laboratory for students in hospitality-related majors.

The building that now houses the Copper Turret was originally built in 1814. The property boasted some unique design features in the 19th century, such as a cast iron sidewalk and fence, and a few remain today, including stained glass over the front entrance, intricate fireplaces and beveled edges on windows which are leaded in their metal frames.

The burgundy building, crowned with a gleaming copper turret, has been lovingly renovated to showcase these original design features which have been complemented with copper accents on the fireplaces, a copper top on the bar, a vaulted ceiling in the Turret room and beautifully reproduced windows throughout.

For hours of operation, menus, and specials, visit the Copper Turret website.