Dairy Programs

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Milking Parlor

Morrisville State College's milking parlor is a double-8 herringbone rapid exit system used by students to learn proper milking techniques. The floor of the milking parlor is suspended, and its height can be changed to accommodate the height of the students doing the milking.

Dairy Programs

Students enrolled in the Dairy Management, B.Tech. and Animal Science: Dairy, A.A.S. programs at Morrisville State College benefit from the college's state-of-the-art dairy complex which houses more than 200 milking cows and has a free-stall dairy barn, electronically enhanced milking parlor and student-managed computer system, calf barns, and renewable energy facilities such as an anaerobic methane digester and 10kW wind turbine.

The 200-head heifer facility and calf greenhouses provide a tremendous learning environment for dairy students. Morrisville State College also owns more than 500 acres of cropland to support their dairy programs.